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Why Now?

More and more, top talent want to work for organizations that have an identity. And not just any identity, an identity that connects and cares about them personally and that has a purpose bigger than making money.

Likewise, organizational leaders are beginning to see the benefit in investing in their own and their people’s development—not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it gives them a competitive advantage that’s difficult to replicate.

All the while, the company must continue to operate smoothly and effectively and turn a profit. But the systems and processes that allow for operational excellence must align to the culture the company has established. Command and control management, clock-in-clock-out systems, and pension plans are not the methods of the future. 

Why eFacil?

eFacil guides leaders in crafting a unique cultural identity, transforming operational systems to be equally or more effective, all while increasing staff engagement and developing leadership at all levels capable of creating and managing the conditions for high performance.

Simply put, we help you become an Organization of the Future. 

What you Need

Three Elements of Organizational Success

To become a resilient, healthy organization, you need three crucial elements:

These are the core areas we guide you in developing within your organization.

the foundation for success

World-Class Culture

Culture trumps strategy, every time. It IS a company’s competitive advantage. But just giving someone a title that says Culture or People or Human doesn’t mean they know how to actually build a world-class culture or create a truly impactful performance system. That’s where we come in.

Get the job done

Operational Excellence

Let’s face it. If you’re not hitting your strategic and financial goals you won’t sustain your organization. It’s imperative that your organization gets the systems, tools, and training to operate with peak performance.

The capability for growth

leadership capacity

In order to grow, you need the capacity to serve more people. We use techniques proven by science on adult learning, to design a set of experiences that build management and leadership capacity at a systems level. 

We Solve Real Problems

Content Modules

We've developed specific programming to address what you need

World-Class Culture Modules

Codifying Culture & Values

This 3-month module ensures organizations don't lose what made them great to begin with. It helps leadership make explicit the values and the culture of the organization so that it can be scaled. It breaks down those general values into a set of behaviors that you can see, hear and feel. And perhaps most importantly, it results in the tools and resources to support staff members in living the values through their actions every single day.

Measuring Culture

The Organizational Strength Measure (OSM) is a research-proven method to obtain information about the strength of your culture as compared to other organizations in the same industry at a similar size. We couple this measure with the implementation of a system that engages the staff on a regular basis (2x per year) in using the data to make organizational improvements that improve culture in an ongoing way.

Values-Based Coaching

Once you've established a values-based organization, it's important that leaders understand how to assess, support, and develop their people not just from a skills perspective, but also from a values perspective. This module gives leaders of teams the tools they need to ensure that the company's values live out for every person, every day.

Diversity & Inclusion

Utilize our unique, experiential Power & Privilege series so that your commitment to diversity isn't just talked about; but lived.

Strategic & Operational Excellence Modules

Strategic Direction

This module helps you identify the strategic priorities that matter above all else, establish clear strategic direction across your departments and builds the toolkit needed to re-align the organization’s people and resources accordingly.

Operational System

This module helps the executive team and each department stand up an operational system that improves productivity and keeps the entire organization focused and disciplined on 12-week cycles; all in alignment with your strategic plan. It has the potential to transform performance across the organization in just 12 weeks.

Change Management

Whether you're navigating re-orgs, mergers and acquisitions, a new vision, or new leadership; get the support you need to transition successfully.

Building Leadership Capacity Modules

Role Clarity

As organizations grow, staff members organically take on the work that needs to be done, and in the short-term, this works. However, at scale, role clarity is essential both within departments and across them. This module helps layers of staff understand not just their own role, but the roles of others who they need to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate with regularly.

Cross-Functional Channel Development

Once role clarity is achieved, this module helps leaders at all levels identify the most needed cross-functional channels, define purpose, get the right people in the channel, and build the facilitation skills to use the channels to drive efficiencies and collective results. This module breaks down silos across the organization in just 12 weeks.

Decision Making Processes

This cycle gives organizations a clear understanding of the multiple approaches you can take to making decisions, teach leadership when each style of process is most appropriate, and give the entire organization a shared language and methodology for communicating about and executing on small and large decisions alike.

Leadership Presence

This module is focused on helping executives understand how to model their organizational values by becoming more self-aware of how their actions (or inaction), and their presence (or lack of presence), drives cultural behavior across the organization. At the end of this module, executives will have the skills to be more intentional about how they choose to spend their time within the organization, and as a result, model the culture they desire.

Recruitment & Selection Model

Build a values- and culture-based recruitment and selection model for finding and selecting new team members that takes into deep consideration the experience and input of the candidate and the team members involved in the process.

Executive Coaching

We provide integrated, best-in-the-business leadership coaching for your Executive Team, Managers, Sales Teams, and more.

We work with all types

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Newly formed companies experiencing growing pains are our specialty.

Established Companies

Growing and feeling the pain? Want to transform your company culture? We can help.

Non-Profits & Foundations

Rapidly growing and scaling organizations dedicated to social good.

Government Agencies

We work with innovative teams and departments within government.

Working With eFacil

Do our values align?

We’re not looking for a one-night stand. We only work with organizations who want a long-term partner in organizational design and development.

Progress or change requires effort and time. Because of that, we only work with organizations willing to do that.

Almost always this looks like at least a 1-year commitment.

85% of new clients are still working with us 2 years later (and referring us to their partners, friends, vendors, clients, and Uncle Bob).

Enrolled in the vision

If you’re not bought into the belief that culture and values drive an organization, that’s ok. You’re just not a good fit for us.
Leaders we work with believe the following:

committed leadership

If the leadership of the organization isn’t on board, then it will not be possible to truly transform the org.
Here’s what we look for in organizational leaders:

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