Work of the Future

Lighting the path for working professionals to transform their role and their organization.

unlike anything you've experienced in your career

Programs and experiences designed for working professionals in leadership roles inside organizations

eFacil's Work of the Future programs employ The Guiding Model℠ to:

1) Build Community

Build you a community of friends and colleagues facing similar challenges and opportunities.

2) Build Skills

Teach you concrete skills, systems and techniques you can use immediately.

3) Offer Guidance

Give you a dedicated Guide to help you navigate your specific circumstances, advise you, coach you and be a partner in your growth and development.

Welcome to Work of the Future!

Giving systems leaders the knowledge and skills to
build supportive, healthy cultures &
find (and keep!) happy, productive, and effective employees

Two Cohorts You Can Join To Do Just That

(Launching in )

People & Culture Cohort

Give leaders what they need to build healthy cultures and find and keep happy, productive employees.

The #2 Cohort

Guiding enterprise leaders in the #2 position to create and sustain culture, get consistent performance and build leadership capacity.

Joining the Group

People & Culture Cohort

What We're Looking For

Working With eFacil

Are You a Good Fit?

Participants must meet two criteria to enter our cohort:

1) You are currently in a role with some authority and responsibility over any of the portions of People and Culture work that exist in organizations—whether it’s typical HR responsibilities or the expanded HR functions involving learning and development, culture or people systems.

2) You want to bring the organization of the future to life for your company; bring fresh ideas and concepts to your team and organization; and develop yourself to be a leader equipped with the know-how to foster a healthy, productive, happy workplace.

Roles that typically meet criteria #1

These are roles which are likely to be a good fit for our Work of the Future Cohorts:

Characteristics of Criteria #2

What to Expect

Here is a brief overview, of what you can expect if you join our cohorts…

Interested in Joining a Work of the Future Cohort?

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