Education of the Future

Making good on The Promise of Higher Education

Launching in 2024

What It Will Take

We are building the content, network, and capabilities to help guide the future of higher education.

We plan to launch this endeavor in 2024, but our team has identified 3 pre-requisites we must meet before we’ll attempt the feat:

We are constantly building the movement to create the University of the Future, and we welcome introductions to people and organizations who share that mission.

1) Prove the Model

We build and refine the highest-quality content, perfect The Guiding Model℠ approach, and confirm it’s potential in creating both Organizations of the Future and in developing the Workforce of the Future.

This ensures that we have content worth teaching and learning.

2) Build the Network

Build a network of innovators around the world who have solutions for nearly anyone to access opportunities to learn valuable skills at a price they can afford.

This ensures we have proven methods for making education affordable and accessible to nearly anyone without compromising quality.

3) Partner Up

Partner with a ballsy university or college to make good on the promise of higher ed once and for all.
This ensures we have a partner who understands the system and has the determination, deep-seeded mission, and leadership to create positive change.  

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