Operations Coordinator

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Operations Coordinator

Summary of the Role

The Role

Job Responsibilities

1. Communications

  • Designing strong communication systems and processes for cohort-members, including technologies to assist in the process.
  • Designing and executing ongoing and one-off communications with cohort members (individually and as a group).
  • Being the go-to person for any/all general, logistical or financial-related questions of cohort members.
  • Being the control-center for all inbound communications from cohort members, and ensuring each gets a timely response from the right person.
  • Ensuring that every person knows exactly where they have to be and what they have to complete at what time with what materials/pre-work done throughout the cohort experience.

2. Logistics Management

  • Point person for ensuring that facilitators and cohort members have everything they need to facilitate/engage in group sessions.
  • Own the schedule and all logistics for in-person retreats twice per year (summer, winter).
  • Hire, onboard and manage in-person retreat Operations and Communications part-time staff
  • Point person for tech support for participants and facilitators/guides for all group sessions

3. Operational Systems & Processes

  • Create the “Cohort Communications Playbook” for the team to be able to utilize for every cohort we run in the future
  • Create the “Retreat Planning Playbook” for the team to be able to replicate the planning process for pulling off retreats 2x per year
  • Create the “Technology Playbook” for our team that can be used to onboard new team members and part time facilitators to our technology platforms
  • Create and update the cohort “FAQs” for each cohort based on the questions, comments and issues that arise throughout the pilot cohort year

Key Decisions

What decisions will you take ownership of? 

  • Decide which systems/processes we use for cohort communication and community building
  • Decide the final schedule for each in-person retreat
  • Decide the roles and responsibilities of retreat staff, and how to train them up in their role

Team Structure

Who this position reports to, and their direct reports.

Reports to: Segun
Manages: Retreat PT staff 

Working groups, committees, etc.

  • Co-working Sessions (weekly, as needed, opt in)
  • Team time (weekly, as needed, opt in)
  • Retreats (3 per year, 2 days each, opt in)
  • Onboarding Training (values, content, delivery methodology, all required)

Compensation Agreement

  • Estimated 20-25 hours per week (varies week to week and month to month, availability on a daily basis essential)
  • Start Date: January 15th
  • $30,000 annually, paid monthly via direct deposit

The Candidate



  • Mission-aligned. This candidate demonstrates a sincere commitment to the core mission and values of Fearless.
  • Communicating Effectively (CE). This candidate displays the ability to use appropriate media to deliver messages and to effectively convey information through these avenues: Choosing the right media to deliver the message; Structuring compelling written communications; Delivering articulate and compelling verbal messages.
  • Organizing, Planning, Executing (OPE). This candidate displays the ability to organize, prioritize, track, and manage workflow and resources


  • Synthesizing, Integrating & Developing Solutions (SIDS). This candidate displays the ability to make connections between previously unrelated notions and integrate findings into meaningful and actionable strategies or solutions
  • Building Relationships and Networks (BRN). This candidate displays the ability to develop and cultivate beneficial internal and external relationships and networks in order to achieve results.
  • Defining the Problem / Opportunity (DPO). This candidate displays the ability to identify and systematically prioritize opportunities to pursue and problems to solve.


  • Making Decisions and Demonstrating Judgement. This candidate displays the ability to leverage appropriate breadth and depth of context and data to make sensible and timely decisions, and to display sound judgment when faced with opportunities and challenges



  • Incredible attention to details
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Extreme comfort with multiple technologies


  • Optimistic attitude and presence, even when stressed/under pressure
  • Get it done attitude and bias towards action


  • Marketing or branding (specifically design) skills
  • Event or experience planning expertise

Potential Challenge Areas

  • Fluctuating workload and constant re-prioritization of tasks and responsibilities
  • Responsiveness in communications given part time nature of role
  • Pushing the team to get to conclusions that give this individual enough time to get the details ironed out      
  • Proactive communication, systems building, etc. vs. immediate needs and tasks   

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