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Cohort / Organizations Facilitator and Coach

Summary of the Role

The Role

Job Responsibilities

1. Group Facilitation

  • Internalize content deeply
  • Prep for delivery of content with a small to medium sized group, including practicing live with peers critical or complex portions of the session
  • Prep for the details and logistics of the session, ensuring the day will go off without any tech or other headaches
  • Lead and facilitate group sessions virtually or in-person with exceptional presence, constantly gauging and maintaining engagement from participants. This include each module’s “Knowledge Dump” sessions, as well as any other group-wide sessions you deem appropriate
  • Make in-the-moment adjustments and decisions that improve the overall experience for participants

2. 1:1 Coaching

  • Establish positive, professional, powerful relationships with each individual you guide.  Deepen each relationship over time, personally and professionally
  • Post initial “Knowledge Dump” session, conduct 1:1 sessions with each participant every 2 weeks to help each participant apply the learning and, ultimately, master the practice in a methodical, experiential, and individualized way
  • Based on trends across portfolio, offer follow-up group sessions or interventions to help participants progress
  • Leverage subject matter experts, peers, your personal network to get each participant what they need to implement the practice in their organization effectively

3. Project Management

  • Internalize the pace and progression of each module deeply, allowing you to know where each person is today and where they need to go next without any downtime
  • Ensure each participant stays on track and on schedule with their personal progression, application, and implementation of the module practice
  • Prep for and follow-up from each coaching call so that they are purposeful and extremely valuable to the individual
  • Hold each participant accountable to continuing their progression when needed
  • Set up clear, consistent systems and schedules with those you coach to ensure continuous touchpoints, learning and growth is occurring
  • As needed, work with colleagues to adjust timelines, expectations, etc. based on what you are seeing from the field, helping the group make critical changes and improvements to the scope and sequence

4. Organizational Involvement

  • Deeply internalize our culture and values, and constantly use them to make an endless number of decisions about what to do on a daily basis with clients and colleagues
  • Participate in (as makes sense) organizational channels, structures, and retreats that are intended to improve our operational excellence
  • Invest in building your leadership capacity by spending time identifying opportunities to implement The Guiding Model more effectively; build your content or skill-base; attend formal professional development opportunities; etc.
  • Proactively utilize the team for support, and expect them to do the same with you
  • Engage in feedback sessions with the content owner for any content you have facilitated to capture recommendations for improvements or additions to the content both during and after delivery of the content

Key Decisions

What decisions will you take ownership of?

  • Any number of details surrounding HOW to deliver the content or conduct the coaching call. E.g. You can decide if you’d like to add more group-wide sessions after the initial Knowledge Dump session.
  • Any number of in the moment or more long-term adjustments to the module that you believe will build stronger mastery for the individuals and better outcomes for the organization.
  • How much you participate in organizational systems, structures, planning, retreats, or other non-required activities (though we hope you opt-in!).

Team Structure

Who this position reports to, and their direct reports.

Reports to:
Organizational Programs – Ashley or Will
Cohort Based Programs – Segun 

Working groups, committees, etc.

  • Co-working Sessions (weekly, as needed, opt-in)
  • Team time (weekly, as needed, often opt-in)
  • Retreats (3 per year, 2 days each, opt-in)
  • Onboarding Training (values, content, delivery methodology, all required)

Compensation Agreement

We are looking for two Part-Time Facilitators, one for Organizational Programs and one for Cohort Based Programs, utilizing the following structure:

  • Estimated 10-12 hours per week, on average (varies week to week, month to month some, but ultimately you can drive a fair portion of the hours occur)
  • 13 months: March 2021 – March 2022 (renewal contract on the table for discussion in Dec 2021)
  • Facilitation and coaching for ~15-16 participants in a 1 year cohort-based program. Coaching for Organizational Programs would involve coaching fewer participants, but doing so more deeply.
  • Competitive salary based on experience and role commitment, paid monthly (via direct deposit)

If a candidate is interested in both positions, we would consider bringing them on to the team as a full-time facilitator supporting both programs.

The Candidate



  • Mission-aligned. This candidate demonstrates a sincere commitment to the core mission and values of eFacil.
  • Coaching & Developing Others (CDO). This candidate displays the inclination to embrace opportunities in multiple situations to further the growth and development of others throughout multiple levels of their organization.
  • Influencing Others to Achieve Outcomes (IOAO). This candidate displays the ability to draw on understanding of others to achieve desired outcomes and inspire action through shaping beliefs and behaviors.
  • Communicating Effectively (CE). This candidate displays the ability to use appropriate media to deliver messages and to effectively convey information through these avenues: Choosing the right media to deliver the message; Structuring compelling written communications; Delivering articulate and compelling verbal messages.


  • Organizing, Planning, Executing (OPE). This candidate displays the ability to organize, prioritize, track, and manage workflow and resources
  • Building Relationships and Networks (BRN). This candidate displays the ability to develop and cultivate beneficial internal and external relationships and networks in order to achieve results.
  • Understanding the Perspectives of Others (UPO). This candidate displays the ability to demonstrate depth of awareness of the beliefs and contexts of others and their organizations to tailor actions appropriately.


  • Everything else!



  • Real-World Management Experience to Pull From
  • Human-centered approach and philosophy
  • Coaching motivation and expertise


  • Proven expertise / effectiveness in the Module Content Area(s)


  • Experience in the industry the participants are coming from
  • Personal leadership development expertise
  • Small group, large group facilitation or public speaking experience and expertise

Potential Challenge Areas

  • Understanding the nuance / nitty gritty details of The Guiding Model, particularly Phase 2:  Individual Mastery and the path, and keeping everyone on the path
  • Pacing of when to do what to move folks along
  • Moving from one module to another and being just as effective at each of them
  • (For Org Programs) Being able to understand the client deeply as soon as possible, while also beginning to add value as soon as possible.

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