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Brand and Marketing Intern

Summary of the Role

The Role

Role Responsibilities

Help Define Who We Reach and How We Reach Them

Conduct market research to confirm who needs and wants what we have to offer.
Brainstorm and test approaches to get the ear of our target customers and partners. Help
select which strategies we ultimately employ and refine the plan to build our brand.

Build our Content

Help Identify which pieces of content we need to build, and where the content Is used. Help manage the content-build schedule. As needed, edit or manage the editing of content.

Specifically we are interested in launching a blog and deploying that via social channels (LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.). We have also explored the idea of doing an interview series with industry leaders or our clients.

Bonus points if you have video experience.

Build the Brand

Big picture this means ensuring that content Is rolled out in the right ways, on time. Build a
larger and larger base of listeners and followers. Execute on the brand plan ongoing.

Specifically, you will be working with a member of our team who has over a decade of
experience in marketing and branding and is a nation-leading expert on social media.

Compensation Agreement

When: Spring and Summer 2021 (2/1 – 8/15)

Time Commitment:  3+ hours per week

Stipend:  $2,000

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