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why we’re different

"Endeleo" means to move forward or grow together in Swahili.

We work alongside you to actually implement change and grow your organization.

Through The Guiding Model you will get both the support you need, and more importantly the processes to navigate continued change on your own.

Exceptional Guides

In addition to becoming world-class facilitators. our team has pioneered The Guiding Model℠—a combination of training, consulting, coaching and mentorship.

Our team of experts employ research-based, adult-learning techniques to create powerful and effective experiences for individuals, professionals, and organizations.

Content Experts

Our team is made up of talented and tenured leaders who are proven experts in their respective fields.

We don’t just facilitate others on our content, we live it. All of our team are actively engaged in various businesses and organizations on the ground—so they know what works and what doesn’t.

How We Work

Values-Driven Process

We do things differently. Here’s how we do that.

Facilitate, Don't Consult

We do not sit in ivory towers. We do not believe that white papers alone lead to success. We do believe in building relationships.  In understanding context. In asking questions.

Then, we get our hands dirty with you, feel personally responsible for the results on the ground, and provide ongoing facilitation, coaching, and support to get you where you want and need to go. Your success is our success; your failure is our failure.

Create the Conditions

We design using the latest research on adult learning and retention, which clearly indicates that adults learn by doing and by making connections with their head and their heart.

This is a primary reason we facilitate instead of coach—the growth and change happens more quickly and sticks only when participants come to conclusions themselves. Our job is to create the conditions and manage the process that’ll get you there.

Results in 3 Months

If you can’t see the change in 3 months, you’ve hired the wrong firm. Everything we do is chunked into 12-week cycles, which both creates urgency and demonstrates forward progress in a reasonable amount of time.

Module-based development not only provides structure that is easy for teams to plan around, but it also inherently builds in accountability to achieve measurable outcomes in a reasonable amount of time.

give Our Secrets Away

Everything we bring to you is yours to keep. Anytime we introduce a tool or framework and teach you how to use it, we also integrate that tool into the fabric of your organization, so it sticks.

We’ll customize the tools to co-exist with systems and structures you already have rather than replace them, so you and your team can easily make and sustain the transition to the new approach with as little of a headache as possible.

Add Value or Its Free

We stand by our commitment to creating impact. So much so that we prompt every organization or individual we work with to rate us on both a universal scale as well as a relative scale for every project we complete.

If the data shows that what we did wasn’t valuable for the organization, we won’t accept payment for it. This raises the bar for everything we do, and gives our clients the experience they should expect and deserve every single time.

Put a Ring on It

We aren’t looking for the next gig. In fact, a majority (~80%) of our business comes from referrals from our existing clients. That’s because we see ourselves as a crucial partner in your organization’s growth over the long-haul.

The proof is in our track record. We see clients returning over and over again in an effort to continue to accelerate their performance, their sustainability and their ability to stay competitive. We’re in it for the long-haul because we see your success wrapped up in our success and vice versa.

Put Us to Work

The Faces Behind
Your Future Success

Will Seamans

Founder & Guide
Focus: Business Development
Superpowers: Facilitation, Adult Learning & Brain Science, Making Dinner Out of Nothing 🍽
Will founded Endeleo Facilitators after a career starting, growing, and leading several organizations, and has always found immense joy in designing and facilitating learning experiences for adults. He has created award-winning graduate programs,  personal leadership curriculum, and is currently patenting several organizational development frameworks. Will spends his time both in the field facilitating as well as with the eFacil team designing game-changing professional development content.

Ashley Elmblad

Partner & Guide
Focus: Organizational Products Lead
Superpowers: Content Development, Human Centered Design, Making Things Out of Old Sails ⛵️
Ashley has spent her career committed to "solving problems that matter." From helping hospitals work out inefficiencies to teaching creativity frameworks to hundreds of social enterprises, Ashley works with organizations to build high-functioning teams. She has facilitation experience across a broad array of industries including healthcare, fast-casual food, recruiting, social enterprise, and startups.

Segun Olagunju

Partner & Guide
Focus: Individual Products Lead Superpowers: Coaching, Leadership Development, Parenting Patience 🙏
As a facilitator and leadership development consultant, Segun has worked with senior leadership teams and individuals across Africa & the US: including Colgate-Palmolive; Zenith Bank - Ghana, Anglo-American, African Leadership Group, Endeavor SA, MPESA Foundation and more. At Endeleo, he leverages his unique combination of corporate performance and social impact expertise to unearth the best in organizations.

Monica Landy

Focus: Organizational Products Superpowers: Content Development, People Ops, Thai Food 🇹🇭
Monica is passionate about helping humanity thrive through designing more intentional and inclusive workplaces that support people to be at their best every day. She has built People teams and strategies from the ground up at an international healthcare nonprofit and an early-stage start-up, supported change management efforts as a human capital consultant, and co-designed curricula on organizational design and development as a research and teaching assistant. Monica received her M.B.A. from Columbia Business School in 2020, bringing a broad understanding of management and leadership challenges, in addition to her direct experience as a People leader, to Endeleo Facilitators.

Ben Whitehair

Partner & Guide
Focus: Brand Building Superpowers: Coaching, Technophile, Making His Teammates Chuckle Daily 🤣
Ben is a champion for social change through art and business. He is a serial entrepreneur and an actor, a combination that serves him well in his role at Endeleo Facilitators.  Ben has managed large and growing teams and has over a decade of formal education on interpersonal relationships, emotional intelligence, and personal leadership development.  He is at his best when he's coaching leaders in growing organizations on issues surrounding conflict, management, culture, and strategy.
Erin Keefer Professional Headshot

Erin Keefer

Focus: Learning & Development Superpowers: Management Development, Training, Kid-Friendly Hiking 🥾
Erin is an entrepreneur, a mother, and a learning and development expert. She is obsessed with thinking about how to create the conditions and the systems for all employees to access high quality development. Erin has worked for startups as well as Fortune 500 companies, and brings a plethora of experience and expertise to the Endeleo Facilitator's team.

Dori Rutkevitz

Focus: Organizational Products Superpowers: Talent Systems, Entrepreneurship, Banana Bread Baking 🍞
Dori serves as organizational designer, confidant and coach for purpose-driven leaders. His studies in complexity theory, decentralization and power enable him to help companies transform into the adaptive and humane organizations they need to be to succeed in their missions. With deep experience leading product management in a rapidly scaling organization, he combines all of the above with business acumen and a pragmatic view of what an organization actually needs. Dori is trained in somatic psychotherapy, mindfulness, adaptive leadership and adult development.

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