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The Future of...
Professional Organizational Higher Education

The Future of Professional and Organizational Development

Redesigning how people and organizations learn, grow, and thrive.

What We're Building:

Work of the Future

Cohort based, applied development for working professionals.

Organizations of the Future

Guiding organizations to achieve a world class culture, operational excellence and leadership capacity.

Education of the Future

Making good on the promise of higher education by rethinking how colleges and universities develop and support students throughout their careers.
(Launching 2024)

Meet Our Clients

What do an an Emmy-winning production company, the $200 million software startup leading the digital revolution within government, and a non-profit recognized by the NY Times as the future of social support for youth
have in common?

A Unique Approach

The Guiding Model℠

Guiding is a combination of training, consulting, coaching, and mentorship. It’s what sets us apart.

We don’t believe in swooping in, giving you some white papers on what to do, and then jetting.

We do believe in working with you, on the ground, to actually implement change.

You deserve an approach as unique as you and your organization are.

Our Mission

To be pivotal in the growth of every person and organization we work with.

Content experts. World-class facilitators. Our team has what it takes to transform you and your organization.

You will get both the support you need, and more importantly the processes to navigate continued change on your own.

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